10 Most Common Worker’s Compensation Injuries

Every year, thousands of people get injured at work, and are eligible to receive worker’s compensation. Workers’ compensation is a “no fault” insurance program that provides medical treatment, wage replacement, and permanent disability compensation to employees who suffer job-related injuries or illnesses. In exchange for these guaranteed benefits, the worker does not have the right to bring a civil action against the employer for pain and suffering or other damages, except in cases of intentional acts. Because these injuries can be more common than you would think, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most common worker’s compensation claims.

  1. Overexertion- Overexertion occurs when a muscle is pulled, or a joint moves outside of it its typical range of motion. This is a result of pushing, pulling, or lifting. Overexertion is most commonly seen in jobs where physical labor is required.
  2. Slips, Trips, and Falls- Slips, trips, and falls occur from wet floors and icy walkways. These claims are most commonly seen from store clerks, security guards, and groundskeepers.
  3. Fall to lower level- Falls to a lower level can occur when someone falls off of a ladder, roof, or down a flight of stairs. These claims are most common from roofers and construction workers.
  4. Bodily Reaction- Bodily reaction occurs when one begins to fall, avoids falling, but still sustains an injury such as a sprained ankle. This injury is most commonly seen in police officers and medical professionals.
  5. Struck or Hit- Being struck or hit can occur in many ways. Some examples are a co worker dropping an object from another level, or an object falling off of a shelf. These claims are most commonly seen in retail workers, restaurant workers, and office workers.
  6. Struck Against- These injuries occur when one falls into an object like a bookshelf or a barricade. These claims are most commonly seen in office and factory workers.
  7. Highway Incidents- Especially common in truck drivers, highway accidents are one of the top causes of injury while driving. Other common cases include traveling business representatives and police officers.
  8. Machinery Accidents- Most common in factory and construction workers. These injuries can have huge cost ramifications due to severity. Many of the reports are crushing and mutilating injuries from large machinery.
  9. Repetitive Motion- These injuries stem from workers doing the same motion over and over again. Examples of repetitive motion include working on an assembly line, lifting boxes, and using a mouse. Examples of some medical issues are carpal tunnel and tendonitis
  10. Workplace Violence- Although these situations are not common, there have been reported incidents of workplace violence, including shootings. While it is not common, it does happen and it something everyone should be aware of

Pursuing a workers’ compensation case can get tricky as seen in the fact that there are certain scenarios that are covered and ones that are not. It is important to consult with an attorney on your situation to see if you would be eligible not only for workers’ compensation but also to discuss whether you deserve any additional pain and suffering compensation as well. The Law Office of Marc A. Futterweit is here to help you through these painful and trying times so that you can assure while you are injured and out of work your family can still be looked after and taken care of. Please call our office today at (973) 442-0200 or online at www.futterweit.com to discuss your case.

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