Buying or Selling Real Estate in NJ

Our Dover, NJ Attorneys Can Help You Avoid Common Problems With the Purchase or Sale Of Your Home

Buying a piece of property is almost never as cut and dry as it can appear to be on the outside, even if the transfer does seem simple in and of itself. What many people do not realize is all of the potential issues that can come up during a real estate transaction. For example, if you are buying a piece of property and you are unaware that the property that has an old oil tank, this could potentially cause a problem or at the very least a delay in the transaction. The tank has to be tested for leaks and potentially removed or filled. What if the house or property has mold that was never found until now? The process has to be put in place of removing the mold and ensuring that the house is not safe to inhabit

Another aspect that prospective sellers or buyers do not realize is how much paperwork actually goes in to a real estate transaction. There is a number of pieces of correspondence that must go back and forth between the two parties in the matter of agreeing to the various terms of the sale. What is the final sale price of the house as opposed to what it was initially listed for? What other factors inside of the house could potentially lower the value of the house? What are the issues in the house and who is going to take responsibility in fixing them or changing them? All of these ‘What Ifs?’ make it all the more important to have an experienced real estate attorney be involved in any real estate transactions that need to take place when comes to buying or selling a house.

When dealing with real estate properties, we represent both buyers and sellers of the properties. These properties can include condos, single family dwellings, co-ops and more. Our law firm drafts and negotiates Contract of Sale which initially is the most important aspect of the real estate deal. Our law firm will also negotiate the rider to the contract during the Attorney Review Period. After that, we negotiate any repairs or credits to the property. We also help answer questions dealing with the bank loan process. Last but not least, our law firm helps ensure an efficient closing by preparing items such as the HUD1, closing adjustments and title transfer. Once all of this paperwork is settled, all you will have to do is sign your name for your dream home!

If you are a looking to either buy or sell a home and you have questions, our law firm can help you answer them. We would be more than happy to walk you through a detailed step by step account of what you can expect through this process. Please call our office today at (973) 442-0200 so that we can answer any of your questions or concerns that you may have. You can also visit us online at www.Futterweit.com.

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