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Personal injury can be a complex and emotional type of law. Those involved in personal injury cases are not only clients, but they are victims as well. For example, imagine it is a warm summer night. You decide to take your motorcycle out for a ride. The ride goes as planned until you stop at a traffic light and waiting to make a turn. Your life is suddenly and irrevocably changed. A motor vehicle driver rear ends you. Your world and your family’s world will never be the same when you are thrown through the air, your helmet flies off of your head, and you slam into the ground.

As horrific as this story sounds, it is exactly what happened to Gilberto Antonio Montoya in August of 2014. Mr. Montoya sustained extensive brain injury as a result of this accident. He will need constant medical care for the rest of his life which will come at a tremendous medical and emotional expense to him and his family. Mr. Montoya will most likely never be able to care for himself again and since his accident has fallen into a coma twice. His family must now suffer knowing that he will probably never be the man that they once knew and loved.

The sad reality is that accidents such as the one that Mr. Montoya and his family were subjected to happen all of the time. While many cases may not be as extreme or life changing as Mr. Montoya’s, personal injury cases can be very physically and emotionally traumatic for the victim. Whether you slip and fall while at work or at a business, harmed while using a product that you thought was safe, or in Mr. Montoya’s case, are the victim of a car accident, these events can leave serious damage on the victim that they can look to receive compensation for.

When such an event takes place, the victim and their family need to turn to a personal injury attorney that can be trusted and that will work hard for their best interests. Mr. Montoya’s family turned to Marc A. Futterweit for help, a personal injury attorney with nearly 30 years of personal injury experience. Mr. Futterweit immediately went to work filing a lawsuit against the driver’s insurance company, New Jersey Manufacture’s. Through his firm’s hard work, Mr. Futterweit was able to settle the lawsuit receiving $495,053 of the $500,000 originally requested in the suit for Mr. Montoya. While this money certainly will not change Mr. Montoya’s serious medical condition, it will by far certainly help with medical expenses and the emotional toll that such an event has taken on him and his family.

Personal injury is just that, it is personal, traumatic, and often times a life-changing event. A victim is entitled to some kind of relief for the pain and suffering that they have gone through. The victim is in need of guidance, understanding, and comfort to know that their case will be handled with care. Through experience and determination, the Law Office of Marc A. Futterweit can provide the type of support that a personal injury victim needs to be able to be compensated for the pain and stress that the victim and their family has gone through because of an event that is no fault of their own.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of personal injury, contact the law offices of Marc A. Futterweit and we can discuss your case. Our office can be reached at www.Futterweit.com or by phone at (973) 442-0200.

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