Personal Injury: What Is It and Do You Have a Case in New Jersey?

What Happens When a Simple Accident In New Jersey Turns into a Personal Injury Case

This past winter has been quite a confusing one here in the state of New Jersey. One day it is beautiful and in the 60s and the next day it is freezing cold and we are getting 30+ inches of snow. With weather like this, it is prime season for people around the state to get hurt. Many accidents that happen may be completely your fault. For example, if you are outside salting your sidewalk and slip and fall on ice, that is your own fault for not being more careful where you are stepping. You certainly would not be able to sue the ice. However, what if you are outside your office building because your boss has told you that the sidewalk has to be salted. It certainly is not a place you want to be and not something that you want to be doing. You take one misstep and all of the sudden you find yourself flat on your back in extreme pain. You come to find out that you have broken your ankle and you are not able to work for the foreseeable future. There is a potential that you could sue your employer under a personal injury suit.

Personal injury is defined as “an injury to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury to property”. There are many varieties or possibilities when it comes to a personal injury cases. For example, if you are on your way to work one day and you are involved in a car accident. The accident is pretty bad and you suffered a few cuts but and you also experience awful nightmares and are now afraid to drive. This means that the accident has affected you on an emotional level. If the emotional damage to you is that severe, there is a possibility that you could have a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash.

When it comes to personal injury cases it is always important to discuss your case in its entirety with an attorney. A skilled personal injury will be able to guide you as to whether you have a personal injury case and what your options are for being financially compensated for any pain and suffering that you have endured. The Law Offices of Marc A. Futterweit will work as vigorously as possible to ensure that the pain and suffering that you have endured is properly compensated. Through our years of working with a variety of personal injury cases, we are able to provide each client with the expertise to be able to win their specific case. We understand that most personal injury cases are extremely emotional and stressful and we are able to give each one of our clients the personalized attention that they need to attain the best possible outcome. Please call our office today at 973-442-0200 or online at www.Futterweit.com to discuss your case.

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