Need a Sober Ride Home? 5 Companies to Call in Morris, NJ

5 companies you can call in Morris, N.J. when you need a sober ride home

We’ve all been there. You’re at a party or out to dinner and drink more alcohol than you expected. Everyone knows that drunk, impaired or even “buzzed” driving can lead to serious consequences, and no one wants to get a DWI in Morris County. Thankfully, there are several companies you can call in Morris, N.J. when you need a sober ride home.

Following the advice of family and friends when they suggest you shouldn’t drive yourself home is wise. Being aware of it all on your own and seeking a sober ride home is even smarter. Still, to be really intelligent, you should save these five companies in your cell phone. You may never need a sober ride home, but if you do, it’s best to have the numbers handy.

1. Uber/Lyft

These services are easy to use and typically don’t require a contract. You can effortlessly select one or the other. In addition, both also offer short term, flat-rate passes. After your pass expires with either, you can just switch to the other company. With Uber, they can keep your credit card on file, so you don’t need to swipe your card or carry cash. They may also have shorter wait times and cheaper prices than some of their competition.

Rates are about $20 per pickup plus $2.50 per mile. If you plan to use the service regularly, you can pay a flat $5 a month fee and then receive a discount per pick up. No matter how long you wait or what it costs, the price is significantly less expensive than the fines you will face in a Morris County traffic court. Lyft provides approximately 40,000 rides a day while Uber gets about 200,000 new accounts each week. Both excellent options for a sober ride home.

2. SaferRide app

This is an app that allows you to call a cab or a friend and pinpoints your exact location so you can be picked up. Such a service can be ideal when you are not sober enough to give an address. It’s also an option when you are traveling with someone else and might not be able to give directions to where you are.

3. SafeRidesUnlimited.org

This is a nonprofit 501c3 charity that helps people in New Jersey avoid driving drunk or impaired. They offer upscale limos, buses SUVs and vans. There are no price surges during holidays or peak times and all drivers are professionally vetted. It’s less expensive than Uber Black and up to 55 people can ride in their vehicles. Therefore, it’s perfect for bridal/bachelor parties, pub crawls and birthdays. As an added bonus, the charity helps disabled veterans overcome post traumatic stress disorder.

4. Designated driver service

Every county in New Jersey, including Morris County, has at least one designated driver service. Most use either a team lift or scooter service model. With team lift, two drivers arrive to take you home. One drives your vehicle and the other follows in their car. That way, you don’t have to retrieve your car at another time. In the scooter approach, one driver comes on a special scooter designed to be folded small enough to fit in your trunk. He drives you home and then leaves on the scooter, again, giving you access to your vehicle. Some of these companies are commercial and others nonprofit. Others may work directly with individual bars and restaurants. You can find out what’s available in your area by contacting the National Directory of Designated Driver Services.

5. Stearclear

This is an app-based service that uses a team lift model. It is a franchise service operated by local entrepreneurs. Using this service will let you get your car home, so that it is not damaged or towed.

What you need to know about driving while impaired in Morris N.J.

  • Consuming even a small amount of alcohol can cloud your senses; impact the amount of time it takes you to react, and impede thoughts, vision and attentiveness.
  • In New Jersey, drivers may dial #77 to report a drunk or aggressive driver that you see on the road.
  • You should contact sober ride sharing services before you need them. Make sure you understand their policies and procedures beforehand, as you may not comprehend the fine print when alcohol-impaired.
  • Alcohol-impaired drivers accounted for more than 25 percent of New Jersey’s vehicle fatalities in the most recent numbers from the Division of Highway Traffic Safety.
  • In New Jersey, a person is guilty of drunk driving if he or she operates a motor vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or greater.
  • Even though the law refers to a .08 percent BAC, you could still be convicted of driving while under the influence of when your BAC is below 0.08 percent and it may not take that many drinks to get you there. If you consume any amount of alcohol and your driving is negatively impacted, you can be convicted of drunk driving.
  • Penalties for driving while intoxicated include fines of up to $500, a possible 30 days in jail and a one-year suspension of your driver’s license and that’s just for the first offense.
  • Under New Jersey law, anyone who sells or serves alcohol has a legal duty to keep their drunken guests or customers from driving. This means that bartenders at a variety of establishments, liquor store owners and staff as well as private party hosts, must carefully monitor the condition of people who are purchasing or consuming the alcohol they provide. Their options include taking away the driver’s keys, calling a taxi, or finding a designated driver. If they don’t at least try to keep drunk drivers off the road, they may be partially liable if the drunk driver causes an accident. While it doesn’t give a free pass to the drunk driver, it does attempt to make everyone involved accountable.

What to do if you are charged with a DUI or DWI

Educate yourself about the laws. Understand why the officer was allowed to pull you over and why the charge is considered a traffic violation instead of a misdemeanor or a felony.

Find out what to do about other consequences. In addition to legal trouble, there may also be points, penalties and charges imposed by the Motor Vehicle Commission.

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