Taking on Municipal Court in New Jersey

What you need to know when heading to Municipal Court in New Jersey

You were on your way home after a long day at work. The boss was on your all day and you just couldn’t get work done fast enough. All you can do is think about walking through the door and seeing your family and a nice hot meal. You have the radio up in your car and you are flying past cars as you go down the highway as traffic is unusually light today. All of the sudden you see the dreaded lights in the rearview mirror. As you gingerly tap the brakes you realize that in your eagerness to get home, you were just skimming over the speed limit. You have never had a ticket before in your life. This tops off the end to a horrible day.

Odds are, you will mostly receive a ticket if you find yourself in the situation as the one described above. Many people decide to take the ticket and swallow it. However, there are still many more that feel that they want to fight the ticket just on the fact that they have never had one before. These people end up in municipal court in New Jersey along with all of the other people that have been charged with a variety of things that do not constitute a transfer to the county level NJ courts. Municipal courts in New Jersey are individualized to by different towns, each of which hears different cases about a variety of topics which are not deemed serious enough to be brought the NJ county level. Many people think that because they are in a NJ municipal court, they do not need an attorney. Do not be fooled. Just because this is considered a ‘lesser’ court, it certainly does not mean that any person should forgo an attorney to fight whatever battle they are taking on. An attorney will be able to guide you through the ins and outs of what NJ municipal court is all about and what the proper steps are to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Another added bonus of making sure that you have an attorney when you are attending NJ municipal court is the fact that your case will be heard quicker. When you first go to municipal court in New Jersey, you will always have the opportunity to talk to the prosecutor with the hopes that some kind of a middle ground can be reached with your case. The rule of thumb is that clients with attorneys are always seen by the prosecutor first. In turn, those cases are always heard first if needed. By coming to court with an attorney, a client has a greater potential of their case being heard quickly or not even having to go through the hassle of standing before the judge if their case can be settled or pleaded down.

The Law Office of Marc A. Futterweit is able to provide each client with years of experience when it comes to navigation the world of municipal courts. With knowledge and familiarity with many of the municipal courts in throughout the State, The Law Office of Marc A. Futterweit is able to provide their clients with the individual support that may be needed depending on the municipality that the offense has taken place in. We have evening and weekend appointments available and we are also fluent in Spanish. Please call our office today at 973-442-0200 or online at www.Futterweit.com to discuss your case and your options.

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