The Complications of Selling or Buying a Home in New Jersey

The Guidance of an Attorney is Always Imperative whether you are Buying or Selling a Home in New Jersey.

As many people have come to find, New Jersey is not always the easiest state in which to be a resident. Although New Jersey has so much to offer including phenomenal beaches, easy access to New York City, and amazing shopping, the reality is that there are many intricacies that a person needs to keep in mind if they are going to commit to putting down roots in New Jersey when it comes to buying real estate.

Many people mistakenly view the buy or sale of a home as an “easy” process. You pick the house that you want or decide that you are going to move, you find a seller or buyer, you make sure that you have the money to cover the mortgage, you sign on the dotted line and you are good to go! Simple, right? Well, in an uncomplicated world it would be. However, reality dictates something very different. The reality is that in the background of a simple ‘sale’ or ‘purchase’ there is a number of legalize that would need to be discussed and negotiated before any transfer can take place.

The importance of having a lawyer for a real estate transaction is the cornerstone for the transaction itself. More often than not there will be some kind of negotiation when it comes to the price of the property. An attorney will ensure that the lines of communications stays open with the other party and that all requests for changes in price, updates to the property, or move in deadlines are met. This is extremely helpful to the buyer or seller as the responsibility of staying on top of deadlines can be stressful and time consuming for the buyer or seller.

Another form of guidance that an attorney can provide are the state mandates that are needed for the purchase or sale of real estate. For example, in the state of New Jersey, an inspection must be done to confirm either the presence of the absence of an underground oil tank. The presence of an underground oil tank could potentially lead to soil contamination which could cost the owner of the property a large amount of money to fix. Before you can sell your home, you must confirm that there is no contamination.

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