Top 3 Workers Compensation Benefits in New Jersey
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You hear a lot about compensation. No one minds talking about CEO compensation or compensation packages for new hires. However, when it comes to workers compensation, they are uncharacteristically silent. If you or your employees ever need it, talking about workers compensation benefits in New Jersey will be very important.

We demand compensation for any job well done. When someone is unable to perform that work due to injury or sickness, there must still be compensation. While no one wants to be out of work, there are workers compensation benefits in New Jersey that you should be aware of.

What are the top 3 workers compensation benefits in New Jersey?

1. Your medical costs are covered.

Perhaps the biggest concern when you are injured on the job is the doctor and hospital bills. You may have insurance to cover some of it, but will there be any out of pocket expenses? Hospital stays and quality medical care don’t come cheap. Most people do not build these types of unexpected emergencies into their budget. According to the National Bankruptcy Forum (https://www.natlbankruptcy.com/us-medical-debt-statistics/) medical debt and loss of income is the number one reason people file for bankruptcy. If you have workers compensation benefits, you also have the peace of mind from knowing that these bills will be covered and you will not lose everything due to a workplace injury.

2. Protection from loss of income.

Many of us live from paycheck to paycheck. We know that we should have enough savings to survive for a few months, but this is easier said than done. With today’s lifestyles, it’s more likely that our paychecks are spent before we get them. How long can you and your family sustain your lifestyle without your income? While some injuries heal quickly, with others it can take months or years to feel like your old self again. It’s crucial that lost wages be part of any settlement and a top quality workers compensation benefits lawyer in New Jersey will help to ensure you receive this. Continuing to receive a regular paycheck at your current salary while you recover may be the only thing to save your family during this painful time.

3. Support if you become disabled in the long term or permanently.

No matter how much care you receive, unfortunately there are some injuries that you just can’t come back from. There are back or neck injuries, breathing problems or nerve damage, just to name a few. It could also be an injury that is not necessarily life threatening but still prevents you from performing your job effectively, like a baseball pitcher who hurts his hand. You may need to apply for social security income or file for disability. The right workers compensation attorney will help you investigate all your options and find the solution that is best for you. This will guarantee that you maintain some sort of support for the entire length of your time away from work.

What you need to know about workers compensation benefits in New Jersey

They are designed to protect workers – accidents can happen anywhere at any time. It’s not only workers that do their jobs under hazardous conditions or inherently dangerous professions that are vulnerable to injury. Even someone who works at a desk can suffer calamity. Electrical shocks from a computer surge, falling off a broken chair or tripping on the sidewalk are just a few of the ways an employee could become incapacitated while working on your property. A workplace injury can cause a major disruption to your health, finances and career. Therefore, you need protection.

It’s vital to take advantage of the benefits you are entitled to – some people may not apply for workers compensation benefits because they mistakenly believe that it hurts their employer. If you are like many of us, you are loyal to the people you work with and for and don’t want to see them go down, even while you are in pain. The truth is that when you use workers compensation benefits, they come from the insurance company, not your employer. Therefore, you should not worry about anything except getting your benefits, getting better and getting back to work.

The workers compensation system in New Jersey has numerous other benefits – in addition to the top three benefits, there are extra assistance for those who suffer workplace injuries in New Jersey. For example, you can get reimbursed for mileage when traveling to and from doctor appointments. Also, workers compensation will cover placement services if you need to find a new career, death benefits if a loved one dies as a result of a workplace injury and help paying funeral expenses.

There are various rules for filing for workers compensation in New Jersey – one thing you should know is that workers compensation in New Jersey covers only a portion of your lost wages. Additionally, you won’t receive any monies for pain and suffering. The tradeoff is that the workers compensation system in New Jersey works fast. This occurs without the time and expense of filing a lawsuit. You also don’t have to prove negligence on the part of your employer.

A workers’ compensation attorney can help you obtain the benefits you deserve – when you are out of work and in pain, the last thing you need is a lengthy fight over your workers compensation benefits. There are numerous laws, deadlines and legal-speak that would take you months to comprehend and even longer to win your case. You’ve got other issues to worry about such as how you will pay your bills and whether there will be any future medical complications related to your injury. Therefore, you must have an experienced attorney at your side, fighting when you cannot.

Get the best workers compensation lawyer in New Jersey. The workers compensation process in New Jersey can be very complex. It’s essential that your attorney is knowledgeable about the laws in your area and the benefits you are eligible for. At the Law offices of Marc A. Futterweit, they understand the various rules and restrictions, and can give you the best possible legal help and advice.

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