Traffic Violations – Do You Need An Attorney?

Traffic violations you should have an attorney for in Morris County, N.J.

You’ve gotten a traffic ticket and now you have to go to court. Is it serious? Do you need a lawyer? While many driving citations are relatively simple, others might require more diligence on your part. Learn which traffic violations you should have an attorney for in Morris County, N.J.

In movies and on TV, they show lawyers in expensive suits helping people out of all sorts of predicaments. This is not always just for dramatic effect; oftentimes an attorney is necessary to keep you out of jail. Having the best traffic lawyer in Morris County by your side could make all the difference.

When to contact a Morris County traffic attorney

If a conviction can lead to a suspension of your license – for most of us, our vehicles are a lifeline. Without it, you might not be able to work or take care of your family. As a result, a loss of driving privileges is quite significant. To avoid this, it’s best to hire a lawyer.

If you’re facing jail time – for a DWI in Morris County, you could be sentenced for up to 30 days in jail. A qualified attorney may be able to identify flaws in the case against you or negotiate for reduced penalties and fines.

If the charge is major or someone was hurt as a result of your traffic violations – infractions such as reckless driving or driving with a suspended license can result in significant charges against you. Attorneys and court systems understand these kinds of charges better than you ever will.

If you can’t afford the consequences – some people think hiring an attorney is too expensive and decide to go it alone. However, the true cost of a traffic conviction is often far greater than the actual fine. You could lose your license, have higher insurance rates or even lose your job. When these kinds of penalties are on the line, it’s less expensive to find a Morristown traffic lawyer that can help. Some may even waive their fees if they are not successful in your case.

What you need to know about getting a traffic ticket in Morris County, N.J.

For minor infractions, like running a stop sign or making an illegal U-turn, you might choose to just pay the ticket, get points on your license and go on with your life. This, of course, is the quickest way to dispense with the matter altogether. Nonetheless, it should also help you learn a lesson about driving more carefully. If not, this method could get very expensive.

You can also choose to fight the ticket by yourself, without an attorney. To do this, it’s vital to have all the ammunition you will need, like legal proof to contest the charges. First, you must read the front and back of the ticket. This will provide important information on facts such as what you are being charged with and the deadline for a response. If you miss the deadline, the Morris County traffic court could add additional fines or even issue a warrant for your arrest. Enter a plea of not guilty in court. If your traffic violations do not require you to be in court, you can request a hearing.

When you get to court, take it seriously. Dress well, arrive early and be polite. Make sure you have any paperwork or documents you will need.

It’s possible that you can get the charges reduced or dropped, but this depends on several factors. For example, they will look at your driving record. If it has been clean for a long time, your traffic violations will look more like a once-in-a-blue-moon mistake instead of a pattern of bad driving.

The specific traffic violation is also a factor. Were you going 10 miles over the speed limit or 30? Circumstances surrounding the incident will be considered as well such as your behavior during the incident and if you had any other infractions.

Remember that this is not the time to be confrontational or comical. For instance, you don’t want to say anything like, “Hey, what’s the big deal? Everyone runs that stop sign.”

There are lesser offenses that can be substituted for whatever you are charged with in most cases. This can reduce the amount of points. You should know, however, that your fines will almost certainly not go away.

If you can’t cut some sort of deal, all is not lost. Sometimes, if you were pleasant during the traffic stop, the officer might actually come to your rescue by speaking with the prosecutor.

Another option you have is agreeing to attend a driving program to have the points and ticket disappear from your record upon completion.You can also choose forego an attorney, however you are left to simply take your chances and see what happens.

There are consequences if you decide to fight and then lose your case

Once you have presented your evidence, it’s possible that you could still lose. If this happens, you can face fines, jail time, suspended license and community service. Also, you will have that conviction on your record, which can affect your insurance. When insurance companies see traffic violations on your record, they classify you as a risk, leading to higher rates. This record can stick with you, causing you to pay more, for up to three years.

Those who hold a commercial license will have to inform your employer within 30 days and this could threaten your job. Once you have received any kind of conviction, it’s too late to turn around and decide to fight it.

It’s best to hire a traffic attorney in Morris County

You don’t want to get to traffic court and then decide you should have hired a lawyer. These cases can be tricky so you want the best attorney by your side to handle whatever may come up.

At the Law Offices of Mark Futterweit, we understand the traffic court system, are familiar with the judges and prosecutors, and know the best way to contend with cases just like yours. Speak with a Morris County attorney today.

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