If You've Been Injured, Physically Or Psychologically As A Result Of The Negligence Or Wrong Doing Of Another Person, Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Fairfield, NJ Can Help

Personal injury is when people or organizations are held responsible for harm that they have done to others under the law. The injured party may, in turn, sue the person or organization for damages for the injury. The injury can be physical, financial, emotional or cognitive.

In most cases, the person suing is seeking damages that help them recover the costs accrued because of the accident. This can be anything from taking time off from work to funeral costs or even incurring extensive medical bills.

Personal injury can also cover lifelong damages like a disability that was created due to the accident, wrongful death, brain injuries or medical malpractice. Other personal-injury lawsuits are motor vehicle accidents, injuries resulting at the workplace, insurance bad faith, negligent security or even premises liability.

If you have been a victim of any of these, we know that you have questions. We are here to explain everything to you and can answer those questions for you. Contact us for a consultation.